Epic RPG

Epic RPG Music Pack


Immerse your RPG gaming universe in a symphony of epic proportions with the Epic RPG Music Pack Volume 1.

This meticulously crafted collection of 12 tracks transcends traditional boundaries, blending orchestral grandeur with the raw power of rock action to elevate your gaming and cinematic projects.

Each composition is a masterful work of art, expertly designed to transport your players into the heart of an epic and marvelous adventure, setting the perfect rhythm for their immersive journey.

Whether you’re crafting expansive RPG games or cinematic tales of heroic quests, this collection stands as the definitive soundtrack, enriching your storytelling with a dynamic and unforgettable atmosphere.

Dive into a world of sonic marvel, and let the Epic RPG Music Pack redefine the very essence of epic RPG storytelling in your creative endeavors.

This music pack is designed to provide music for every moment of your project, and supports different situations and ambiences:menu, introduction, gameplay/ambience, battle/action, defeat, victory.

Theme 1 : 4mn24s (Menu)
Theme 2 : 4mn09s (Introduction)
Theme 3 : 4mn24s (Gameplay / Ambience)
Theme 4 : 5mn18s (Gameplay / Ambience)
Theme 5 : 4mn10s (Gameplay / Ambience)
Theme 6 : 5mn00s (Gameplay / Ambience)
Theme 7 : 4mn07s (Gameplay / Ambience)
Theme 8 : 4mn20s (Battle / Action)
Theme 9 : 3mn38s (Battle / Action)
Theme 10 : 4mn24s (Battle / Action)
Theme 11 : 4mn52s (Defeat)
Theme 12 : 4mn15s (Victory)

Features :
– Royalty free music for commercial and private use (lifetime license)
– 12 loopable tracks
– Total duration : 53 minutes 1 second
– Files in wav and mp3 format : Quality 1411 Kbps (wav), 320 Kbps (mp3), 44.1kHz

The Epic RPG Music Pack is perfect for your games(rpg/adventure/fps/tps), movies, documentaries, advertisements and for all types of epic RPG, battle, drama, heroic and war scenes.

The themes are composed with harmonies played by great orchestral, percussions and heavy guitar.