Dive into the urban beats and contemporary vibes with the Hip-hop Music Pack Volume 1.

This meticulously curated collection of 10 tracks transcends the boundaries of modern hip-hop, delivering a dynamic and pulsating soundtrack for your creative productions.

Each track is a tribute to the genre’s versatility, featuring a mix of mesmerizing rhythms and powerful melodies that will elevate your projects to new heights of cool and authenticity.

Whether you’re crafting cutting-edge video games, street-smart cinematic experiences, or dynamic multimedia presentations, this collection stands as the quintessential soundtrack, infusing your storytelling with the energy and attitude of the hip-hop culture.

Immerse your audience in a world of musical innovation and let the Hip-hop Music Pack redefine the sonic landscape of your creative endeavors.

The Hip-hop Music Pack is perfect for movies, documentaries, advertisements, streaming, and for all Hip-Hop trends and fashion audio backgrounds needs.

Theme 1 : 1mn43s
Theme 2 : 1mn26s
Theme 3 : 1mn12s
Theme 4 : 1mn09s
Theme 5 : 1mn12s
Theme 6 : 1mn36s
Theme 7 : 1mn21s
Theme 8 : 1mn21s
Theme 9 : 1mn25s
Theme 10 : 1mn36s

Features :
– Royalty free music for commercial and private use (lifetime license)
– 10 loopable tracks
– Total duration : 14 minutes 1 second
– Files in wav and mp3 format : Quality 1411 Kbps (wav), 320 Kbps (mp3), 44.1kHz

The themes are composed with synth basslines, classic 808 and 909 rhythms, phat basses, synth stabs, percussions, drums, hi-hat, clap & snare.