K Pop

K Pop Music Pack



Dive headfirst into the vibrant and captivating world of K-Pop with the K-Pop Music Pack.

This thoughtfully selected collection boasts 10 high-energy tracks, each a dazzling showcase of the quintessential Korean pop style.

From catchy hooks to irresistible beats, these soundtracks are a celebration of contemporary music at its finest.

Whether you’re crafting exhilarating video games, dynamic cinematic experiences, or lively multimedia presentations, this collection serves as the ultimate soundtrack, infusing your projects with the undeniable energy and flair of K-Pop culture.

Immerse your audience in a musical sensation that transcends borders and let the K-Pop Music Pack redefine the sonic landscape of your creative endeavors.

The K Pop Music Pack is perfect for video clips, movies, trailers, documentaries, advertisements, streaming, and for all modern ambiences needed.

Theme 1 : 1mn29s
Theme 2 : 2mn00s
Theme 3 : 1mn54s
Theme 4 : 2mn30s
Theme 5 : 2mn00s
Theme 6 : 1mn36s
Theme 7 : 1mn25s
Theme 8 : 1mn31s
Theme 9 : 1mn45s
Theme 10 : 2mn00s

Features :
– Royalty free music for commercial and private use (lifetime license)
– 10 loopable tracks
– Total duration : 18 minutes 10 secondes
– Files in wav and mp3 format : Quality 1411 Kbps (wav), 320 Kbps (mp3), 44.1kHz