Classical Oriental

Oriental Classic Music Pack – Volume 2


Embark on a musical journey to the heart of ancient China with the Oriental Classic Music Pack Volume 2.

This carefully curated collection features 12 tracks that encapsulate the rich traditions and enchanting melodies of Chinese culture.

Each composition is a vibrant tapestry of exotic instruments and authentic harmonies, perfectly suited for projects seeking to infuse their narratives with the timeless elegance of the East.

Whether you’re crafting films, games, or any creative endeavor that craves an authentic and immersive oriental atmosphere, this music pack transports your audience to a authentic era, enveloping them in the quintessential sounds of China.

The Oriental Classic Music Pack is perfect for movies, documentaries, advertisements, streaming, and for all authentic oriental ambiences needed.

Theme 1 : 2mn15s
Theme 2 : 2mn16s
Theme 3 : 3mn06s
Theme 4 : 2mn46s
Theme 5 : 2mn49s
Theme 6 : 2mn54s
Theme 7 : 3mn07s
Theme 8 : 2mn46s
Theme 9 : 3mn03s
Theme 10 : 2mn54s
Theme 11 : 2mn41s
Theme 12 : 1mn34s

Features :
– Royalty free music for commercial and private use (lifetime license)
– 12 loopable tracks
– Total duration : 32 minutes 11 seconds
– Files in wav and mp3 format : Quality 1411 Kbps (wav), 320 Kbps (mp3), 44.1kHz

The themes are composed with traditional chinese instruments (guzheng, erhu, pipa, xiao).