Action Science Fiction

Sci-Fi Action Music Pack


Dive into the thrilling cosmos of futuristic worlds with the Sci-Fi Action Music Pack Volume 1.

This meticulously selected collection of 12 tracks delivers high-octane, fast-paced action in a dynamic and modern sci-fi style.

Crafted for both video games and films, these compositions elevate your sci-fi world to new heights, immersing players and viewers alike in epic space battles and spectacular action scenes.

Each track captures the essence of futuristic excitement, propelling your audience into the heart of intergalactic battles.

Whether you’re exploring the vast expanse of space or battling cybernetic foes on distant planets, let the Sci-Fi Action Music Pack redefine the auditory universe of your sci-fi projects.

This music pack is designed to provide music for every moment of your project, and supports different situations and ambiences:menu, introduction, gameplay/ambience, battle/action, defeat, victory.

Theme 1 : 2mn56s (Menu)
Theme 2 : 1mn28s (Introduction)
Theme 3 : 2mn05s (Gameplay / Ambience)
Theme 4 : 2mn10s (Gameplay / Ambience)
Theme 5 : 2mn01s (Gameplay / Ambience)
Theme 6 : 3mn23s (Gameplay / Ambience)
Theme 7 : 2mn46s (Gameplay / Ambience)
Theme 8 : 2mn07s (Battle / Action)
Theme 9 : 2mn28s (Battle / Action)
Theme 10 : 2mn36s (Battle / Action)
Theme 11 : 1mn56s (Defeat)
Theme 12 : 2mn00s (Victory)

Features :
– Royalty free music for commercial and private use (lifetime license)
– 12 loopable tracks
– Total duration : 27 minutes 56 seconds
– Files in wav and mp3 format : Quality 1411 Kbps (wav), 320 Kbps (mp3), 44.1kHz

The Sci-Fi Action Music Pack is perfect for your games(fps/tps/rts/arcade/shoot’em up/simulation/mmorpg/moba), movies, documentaries, advertisements, streaming and for all types of science fiction, battle, heroic and cinematic scenes.